The ReGen Brands Weekly - Volume 9

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This Week’s Episode:

#23 - Juan Guzman @ Artisan Tropic


  • 😷 The autoimmune diagnosis that sparked the brand

  • 💯 Being 100% family-owned and operated

  • ⚽ Juan working on the brand while playing pro soccer

  • 🎨 Designing their regenerative transition with Terra Genesis

  • 🌴 Using their own farm to pilot regen for other suppliers

  • 🏅 The regen practices in their plantain and cassava systems

  • 🤯 Doubling cassava yields with regen

  • ♻️ Commercializing the entire agroforestry rotation

  • 🔥 Juan’s experience in the reNourish Studio

  • 💫 Increasing consciousness through food to “scale” regen

We had a passion and vision for creating a snack product that was real, clean, and something people with health conditions could eat and enjoy. The more we learned about regenerative agriculture, we couldn't ignore the fact that this was the best way to produce the cleanest and most nutrient-dense snacks that we could.

Juan Guzman


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ReGen Brand News:

🫡 PepsiCo has unveiled plans to invest $216 million into regenerative agriculture projects spanning 3 million acres of farmland in the US.

Check out the press release and coverage here + here.

Image credit: PepsiCo

Regen Brand Jobs:

Fun Stuff:

Been traveling way too much lately 🥲

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