The ReGen Brands Weekly - Volume 8

The ReGen Brands Weekly

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This Week’s Episode:

  • 🚫 No new episode this week as we didn’t record during Expo week.

  • 🤩 Episode 23 with Juan Guzman of Artisan Tropic dropping on Friday!

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Regen Brand News:

Knwble Grwn Flax Oil

Courtesy of ADM

ReGen Brands Angel Network:

Mission 🖤: Support the growth of emerging, regenerative brands through financial investment.

What We Do ⚡️: 

  1. Source investment opportunities in emerging, regenerative brands

  2. Present them to a group of accredited investors

  3. Facilitate both individual and collective investments

Status 😛: We are close to our membership goals to “activate” the network and begin meeting, sharing deals, etc.

Request 🙏: Join the network by completing this form and share with others who may be interested!

Regen Brand Jobs:

Fun Stuff:

🥹 This is what it’s all about. Thank you for sharing, Lindsey!

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