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This Week’s Episode:

Episode 21 - Robby Sansom @ Force of Nature


  • 🎯 Making regenerative meat accessible at scale

  • ⭐ Growing EPIC and selling to General Mills

  • 🤠 How General Mills doubled down on regenerative

  • 🤯 The major problems with our current agricultural system

  • 😯 Comparing their supply chains to mainstream meat

  • 🔍 Ecosystem outcomes they track in their supply chain

  • 😡 How consumers have been lied to about food

  • 🥩 The challenges and opportunities of “branding” meat

  • 💪 How consumers can force incumbents to change

  • 🔥 Why regenerative is a necessity and not a choice

We’ve made unilateral compromises to produce food in this hyper-efficient, commoditized system that celebrates price above all else, at the expense of all else. Cheap food on the shelf may have a low sticker price but it has a high cost. There's a huge cost to this commodified, subsidized cheap meat that is deferred – with human health and land health eventually paying the price.

Robby Sansom


  • Don’t have time for the full episode? 😵‍💫 

  • Check out the recap! 🙃 

  • Everything you need to know (+ funny GIFs) in less than 5 minutes. 🥳


🧐 We wanted a list of all the brands that have made a regenerative claim about their products

🫣 It didn’t exist

Right now, the list is just focused on food and beverage brands in the US that are pursuing regional and national distribution of their products. We are not tracking brands based in other countries or brands outside of food and beverage. (Yet!)

Who are we missing? What else can we add to this resource?

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