The ReGen Brands Weekly - Volume 4

The ReGen Brands Weekly

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This Week’s Episode:


  • 🪴 Meet Yaupon - the only naturally-caffeinated plant native to North America

  • 🌀 Yaupon’s historical journey from ubiquity to eradication to resurgence

  • 💥 How they sustainably wild harvest the Yaupon

  • 😡 The challenges of building a brand and creating a category at the same time

  • 🤯 Comparing Catspring Yaupon’s supply chain to most imported tea

  • 🙏 Why regenerative agriculture is indigenous agriculture

  • 🏆 Recent PR wins for Yaupon as a category

  • 💫 Their newest innovation: VIBE - Yaupon Crystals

  • 😧 How Abianne has raised $1M of non-dilutive capital

  • ❌ Why regenerative food should never be a luxury good

“Why would we produce Yaupon in any other way (besides regenerative organic) when it is so deeply tied to so many different indigenous tribes? Regenerative organic is nothing new. It is what the indigenous people were forced to stop doing.”

- Abianne Falla


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