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This Week’s Episode:

#40 - Andre & Juan @ Chiki Chiki Boom Boom


  • 💃 Meet: “Reggaeton In A Bottle”

  • 😂 How Juan & Andres met in LA

  • 🙏 Inspiration from the “Valley of Longevity”

  • 💰 The huge opportunity to serve the Latin consumer

  • 😍 Their 40-acre regenerative organic farm in Ecuador

  • 🏅 The rigor of USDA Organic certification

  • 🤳 Why TikTok is so important

  • 🤤 The competitive advantage of “regenerative flavor”

  • 🤩 How they support indigenous + female farmers

  • 💥 Why retailers are the “gatekeepers” to a regenerative future

"Because with a lot of 'better for you' products that are very sustainable, it's a little boring, it's a little granola, it's a little too nature. Reggaeton is kind of like Spanish hip hop. A lot of times music communicates everything from love, to relationships, to culture. So why don't we make it fun and loud and bold and use these 'languages' to be able to communicate cool things and to make this much more pop culture?"

Andres Izquieta


  • Don’t have time for the full episode? 😵‍💫 

  • Check out the recap! 🙃 

  • Everything you need to know (+ funny GIFs) in less than 5 minutes. 🥳

Building Climate-Smart Supply Chains:

  • 🥳 Dylan Vaca takes the wheel to author our third guest blog!

  • 👉 Grown Climate Smart is a new venture under The DeLong Co., Inc. that is funded through a $39 million Climate-Smart Commodities Grant awarded by the USDA.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. What farmers and commodity types the program works with

  2. How the program incentivizes regen practice adoption

  3. How Grown Climate Smart partners with CPGs

Introducing: Grown Climate Smart

🙋‍♂️ We are hoping to feature a guest blog post every week.

📧 Drop me a line if you have something to share at the intersection of regenerative agriculture and CPG.

ReGen Brands Insights (ICYMI):

7 Data-Backed Insights For Selling Regenerative Brands

What (super smart) people are saying about this blog ⬇️

7 Insights Blog Feedback
5 Lessons Learned From Commercializing Kernza

What (super smart) people are saying about this blog ⬇️

Kernza Blog Feedback

ReGen Brand News:

  • Heirloom Coffee Roasters, the first national brand to roast 100% regeneratively farmed coffees, is now expanding their mission with the launch of the world's first Regenerative Coffee Research Lab.

  • The Heirloom Regenerative Coffee Research Lab will catapult research and development of regenerative coffee in the most sustainable way – with 100% electric roasters.

Heirloom Coffee - Soil Is Life

Credit: Heirloom Coffee

  • This is VERY well-written and insightful

  • The descriptions of current problems and potential solutions are both a great learning and communication tool

Regenerative Value Networks

Credit: Forum For The Future

  • After successfully enrolling more than 1 million acres in 2022, ADM is continuing to invest to expand re:generations™ to cover 2 million acres in 2023, on its way to a goal of 4 million acres globally by 2025.

  • The expansion will offer producers spanning 18 states and three Canadian provinces financial incentives and technical support for implementing practices including cover cropping, improved nutrient management, and conservation tillage.

  • ADM is incentivizing multiple practices and performance outcomes spanning crops including corn, soybeans, peanuts and wheat. Producers who enroll receive premium payments ranging up to $25 an acre per year, and in some instances also receive an additional per bushel premium for grain delivered to ADM.

ADM re:generatins program

Credit: ADM

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🕺 But wait, there’s more!

  • The investment will bring climate-smart practices to more than 100,000 acres of farmland, nearly double the amount required to make DiGiorno’s pizza dough.

  • The company, along with suppliers ADM and Ardent Mills, will provide technical and financial support for wheat farmers to improve soil health and biodiversity through practices like planting cover crops or reducing tillage and pesticide use.

Fun Stuff:

Alexandre Cows
Alexandre Setting
Alexandre Building
Alexandre Soil

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