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This Week’s Episode:

#37 - Michael Ham @ Wild Orchard


  • 🤯 Their 1,000-acre regenerative farm in Jeju Island, South Korea

  • 🆒 Michael’s background in nature photography & air quality

  • 🏆 Winning global tea awards and becoming Regenerative Organic Certified®

  • 😯 How all types of tea actually come from the same perennial tree

  • 🔬 Plans to lab test all products for nutrient density, antioxidants, etc.

  • 🧑‍🍳 Selling to MICHELIN Star restaurants and other high-end foodservice accounts

  • 🪿 Heavy rainfall, volcanic soil, wild geese, and other unique aspects of their farm

  • 😵‍💫 Wild Orchard regenerative teas versus conventional teas

  • 🥳 Recent retail wins (Jimbo’s + MOM’s) and plans for the future

  • ⚡ What regen can learn from the clean energy movement

“The typical supply chain has so many middlemen. There's lots of pressure on the farm to lower the price and the farmers get trapped by that commodity model. We’re showing the value of regenerative to conventional farmers saying, ‘If you engage in this, your farm will be more resilient, you'll be able to mitigate risk against climate change and you'll get a better return.’ We have to collectively create a market for that return and that value to the consumers because unless we provide that value proposition to consumers, we can't really gain market share.”

Michael Ham


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  • Everything you need to know (+ funny GIFs) in less than 5 minutes. 🥳

ReGen Brand News:

Nature's Path Organic Foods has acquired Love Child Organics, a Canadian organic baby food and children's snack brand.

Nature's Path Acquires Love Child Organicss

Credit: NOSH

Learn more about Kernza® Cakes here.

Merge Impact will work with regenerative and organic farms to measure biodiversity metrics, such as species and habitat density, and provide each farm with a biodiversity score.

Using these initial results as a baseline, Merge Impact will provide tailored recommendations about how to further increase biodiversity and then continue tracking progress, ultimately connecting the farm to food brands and supply chain managers seeking ingredients, crops, and animal products with transparent, easily verifiable biodiversity impact metrics.

As the premiere client of BEE, A-Frame Farm will bring the valuable building block of biodiversity to improve sustainability metrics across the board for customers, including Simple Mills and Lil Bucks.

The farmers involved will have to commit to delivering what the group calls “better outcomes” across various metrics including animal welfare, climate, biodiversity and the local community.

First Milk says it operates the “largest regenerative farming programme in the UK dairy sector”. More than 90% of the cooperative’s members are signed up to the regenerative farming programme it started in 2021.

Farmers involved have been paid a premium of 0.5ppl (pence per litre) since April 2022.

AC’s 2 Cents: Coincidence that a premium (even a small one) led to a large % farmer adoption? I think not.

Lots of interesting data to nerd out on, but I was particularly intrigued by this:

Credit: McKinsey

AC’s 2 Cents: I’m bullish on premium CPG (what most regen brands are) to continue to be in high demand and resilient to economic uncertainty and even downturns because it is bolstered by lasting health + wellness trends, an affluent + less price-sensitive consumer base, and very important to retailer growth + profitability. (I’m confident but admit I’m also biased 🤷‍♂️)

“The story of Danone, Unilever, and the ongoing battle between purpose-driven CEOs and their increasingly powerful activist investors.”

AC’s 2 Cents: I really enjoyed reading this piece from Mike Lee that details the tension between lasting sustainability commitments and short-term shareholder returns. I especially enjoyed the 3 “methods” he laid out for merging sustainability goals and business operations:

The Cash Machine Method, Governance Method, & “Profits Through Purpose” Method

Recently, the brand relaunched with a first-ever consumer-focused brand campaign, “Beef From A Better Place,” alongside expanded distribution nationwide and partnerships with leading retailers and food service providers including Amazon Fresh, BJ’s Wholesale, and True Food Kitchen.

Verde is now supporting 62 verified regenerative land bases, including more than 100,000 hectares (or 247,105 acres).

Verde Farms Ranching Photo

Credit: Verde Farms

🕺 But wait, there’s more!

➡️ Our friend (and overall legend) Wyatt Ball joined the Earth 911 Podcast to chat about the Land to Market verification, Ecological Outcomes Verification (EOV™), and conveying regenerative outcomes to consumers.

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We 🫶 fan love (part 2). (Seriously, we really appreciate it!!)

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