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This Week’s Episode:

Episode 17 - Tucker Garrison @ Imlak'esh Organics & CHi Foods


  • 🤕 How Tucker’s childhood migraines led him to change his diet

  • 🌎️ Tucker’s journey living with and learning from indigenous peoples

  • 🎁 How the name Imlak’esh was gifted to him and what it means

  • 🤝 Building an “ethical bridge” between farmers and a global marketplace

  • 💪 What is the Sacha Inchi nut and why is it a superfood?

  • 🤔 The inspiration behind launching CHi Foods

  • ⚡️ How they turn Sacha Inchi nuts into plant-based meat

  • 🤤 Why food has to taste good to change the world

  • 👀 What is in the CHi Foods product pipeline

  • 🥳 How “throwing a better party” will lead to more market share for regen

“Most plant-based meat has really missed the mark on human health. Hyper-processing, genetically modified laboratory food is not the future of human food because health is totally missing. The closer we are to having a connection to our food, to eating real food that’s organic, nutrient-dense, made with ingredients from biodiverse systems, the better it is for humans and the planet.”

- Tucker Garrison


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