The ReGen Brands Weekly - Volume 19

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This Week’s Episode:


  • 🦬 Why Jon fell in love with bison

  • 🤠 When he met Brittany and went all-in on ranching

  • 😯 Growing their operations from 240 acres to 10,000+

  • 🔥 Bringing bison mainstream through ready-to-eat products

  • ⭐ Their regenerative practices + systems

  • 🤔 Why Jon believes only animal foods are truly regenerative

  • 🧑‍🌾 How raising bison is so different than cattle

  • 💯 Why truth & taste are your biggest marketing assets

  • 💥 Building on-farm experiences to drive consumer connection

“Consumers are incredibly smart and underestimated by a lot of brands. They care more about what they put in their body and will hunt to the ends of the earth to find the right thing. And that's where our brand sits – with the consumer that really cares, who’s interested and willing to investigate. They want the absolute best that they can find and they want to know that the product is real and honest. We created a brand to capture and serve people better, and to stop giving away the margin for all of our hard work.”

Jon Sepp


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ReGen Brand News:

Credit: Artisan Tropic

Credit: Handsome Brook Farms

  • 🍺 Good things are taking root as Guinness continues its regenerative agriculture pilot

    • Since launch, they’ve recruited 44 farms across Ireland to participate.

    • “The carbon footprint of growing spring barley across our participating farms is lower than other international studies. Of this carbon footprint, almost three quarters is from the use of nitrogen fertiliser.”

  • 🍞 PACHA is raising money to support their nationwide launch into Whole Foods

    • PACHA is a San Diego-based food company that makes organic, gluten-free buckwheat bread. This bread is unlike any other -- made from whole, sprouted seeds, sourced from regenerative buckwheat farms, and packaged in 100% home-compostable materials. PACHA is out to make a change in the way we feed our people and care for our planet.

Credit: PACHA

But wait there’s more… (from our non-food & bev friends)

🫶 The Investing In Regenerative Agriculture And Food Podcast (must subscribe) recently interviewed two badass female founders we love that are working on regenerative textiles & personal care.

ReGen Brand Jobs:

Fun Stuff:

😍 Whole Foods mothership store in Austin taking Alec’s Ice Cream TRIPLE WIDE for promo

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PPS - I love ice cream so much

PPPS - If you routinely come this far in the email, I love you so much too

Credit: The LEGEND Emily Lafferty

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