The ReGen Brands Weekly - Volume 18

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This Week’s Episode:


  • 🌊 Pat’s deep family ties in conservation + journey in seafood

  • 💰 Why we need brands to drive demand for kelp farming

  • 🤔 Why they started with kelp chips

  • 🧺 Developing their first products through farmers markets

  • Why kelp farming is the only net-positive aquaculture

  • 🤩 Helping reverse the loss of natural kelp habitat

  • 🙅 Why they don’t use a co-manufacturer

  • ⭐ Designing products around sustaining consumer trends

  • 🦸 How to build a set of superfans at every store

  • 🔥 The imperative for regen brands to cross-promote

“I saw two ways of doing that. One was to try to make these horrifying industries a little less bad. Or, two, pursue this idea of regenerative ocean farming, producing nutrient-dense food with zero inputs and having a net positive impact on the surrounding marine ecosystems. And while regenerative was in its infancy and maybe a longer road to change, I thought that was more compelling for me than kind of the ‘do less bad‘ notion.”

Pat Schnettler


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A Dearth of Dollars (A Tale In 3 Parts):

Capital invested is expected to drop by 41% and deal count by 34%. Capital invested into food is expected to drop significantly to the tune of 49%.

Credit: CPGD

“Regenerative agriculture has become an inescapable buzzword in CPG over the past few years. Venture money, already in short supply, seems even harder to come by for the emerging regen space.”

Credit: Me 😙

I’ll give you a hint…

ReGen Brand News:

Credit: Kiss The Ground

But wait there’s more!!

(Same headlines as last week but with more info)

ReGen Brand Jobs:

Fun Stuff:

Me after interviewing our second kelp-based brand 😂

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