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This Week’s Episode:

#27 - Emily Griffith @ Lil Bucks


  • 🦘 The international inspiration for Lil Bucks

  • 😎 Nutritional and agronomic benefits of buckwheat

  • 😂 Calling farmers at home to buy buckwheat

  • 🤯 Countless reasons to build a domestic market for buckwheat

  • 🏄 Being inspired by “Let My People Go Surfing”

  • 💥 Creating a product line that works for the mass market

  • 😍 Committing to regenerative, US-grown buckwheat

  • 🚜 Working with A-Frame Farm & Mad Ag

  • 🏅 The value of Regenerative Organic Certified®

  • 💰 Unique financing needs when contracting regen supply

“I found these organic buckwheat farmers from a list online and started calling them. Some of them spent an hour on the phone with me telling me about the U.S. agriculture system and how they’d love to grow buckwheat. But there wasn’t a big market for it, and some of them had grown buckwheat even at a loss just to improve their soil health. I said cool, I’ll make a market for you – how hard can it be!?”

Emily Griffith


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  • Everything you need to know (+ funny GIFs) in less than 5 minutes. 🥳

Outlaws Wanted:

Outlaw Ventures is looking for 1-2 Co-Founders and fellow Managing Directors to build a $30M venture fund investing in seed-stage regen CPG.

🥇 Ideal Profile #1: Someone with 5+ years of combined investment banking and VC / PE experience with food, agriculture, or CPG exposure.

🥈 Ideal Profile #2: Someone with deep operating expertise in CPG that is looking to lead portfolio management efforts.

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ReGen Brand News:

KIND Almond Initiative

Credit: KIND

Bonus Content: Check out some cool numbers from the Regenerative Organic Alliance on what they’ve achieved since launching their pilot in 2018:

Credit: Regenerative Organic Alliance

Bonus Content: A new study shows that pasture-finishing of bison improves animal metabolic health and potential health-promoting compounds in meat

Credit: Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology

ReGen Brand Jobs:

Fun Stuff:

😍 Enjoying the views and vibes at Force of Nature’s “What Good Shall I Do” Event

😂 Summarize Episode 27 in 1 meme

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