The ReGen Brands Weekly - Volume 12

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This Week’s Episode:

#26 - Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin @ Tree-Ranges Farms


  • 🤝 The many entities creating a regenerative poultry ecosystem

  • 😡 Processing challenges for small farmers

  • 💭 Regi’s learnings from the theories of nation building

  • 🤯 How cheap chicken is extractive

  • 😧 The pitfalls of designing from a homocentric perspective

  • 🏆 Tree-Range’s scalable and flexible production system

  • 🦖 Why chickens are actually just little dinosaurs

  • 💥 The importance of building a consumer-facing brand

  • 🤩 A vision for 20 enterprise sectors in one ecosystem

  • 🔥 The importance of affinity groups and collective action

“Don’t whitewash this concept. We inherited an incredible concept from our ancestors that is now being called regenerative. But it was a concept that allowed us to think, to behave, to relate, to know, and to learn in a way that results in attitudes, practices, and things that then regenerate. Then you are able to actually conceptualize the world and our relationship with each other and with those other living systems in a way that results in regenerative engineering, regenerative economics, and regenerative social relationships. That is what makes a system regenerative. Not whether the chicken was free-range, organic, or whatever.”

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin


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