The ReGen Brands Weekly - Volume 11

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This Week’s Episode:

Episode 25 - Hoda Mohajerani @ Chakra Chai


  • What are Chakra Chai and the chakras of the body?

  • 😯 Kyle and AC’s experience using the products

  • 🎯 How to choose your Chakra Chai

  • 🖤 Arta: the inspiration behind Chakra Chai

  • 🏔️ Commercializing a CPG based on consciousness

  • 💥 Why we have to fund emerging regen brands

  • 👎 The pitfalls in “proof of concept”

  • 🌟 The imperative to move from extraction to regeneration

  • 🙏 Modeling support systems from Indigenous wisdom

  • ❤️ Why we need to move from the head to the heart

“It's time for the philosophers, thinkers, and poets to take their rightful place at the table and steer us in a better direction for the future of humanity and our planet. If we want to still be on this planet in 100 years, thriving in cultures and communities that are more enlightened, conscious, and integrated, we have to become regenerative. If something is in a constant state of decay, chaos, and death, it can’t regenerate.”

Hoda Mohajerani


  • Don’t have time for the full episode? 😵‍💫 

  • Check out the recap! 🙃 

  • Everything you need to know (+ funny GIFs) in less than 5 minutes. 🥳

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ReGen Brand News:

Anytime Spritz Canned Cocktail

Image Credit: BevNet

Image Credit: a2 Milk Company & Manitoba Harvest


The biggest problem in regenerative agriculture that no one wants to talk about:

We’re too obsessed with farmers and farmland transition, and we’re failing our emerging brands because of it.

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Me reading my own blog 😂

ReGen Brand Jobs:

Fun Stuff:

Lundberg Family Farms has announced their “World Of Regeneration Sweepstakes” where you can win a trip to visit their farm.

Lundberg Family Farms "World Of Regeneration Sweepstakes"

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