#67 - 🦌 Managing Maui's Invasive Axis Deer For Regenerative Outcomes

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This Week’s Episode:

#77 - Jacob Muise @ Maui Nui Venison


  • 🛶 How Axis Deer came to Hawaii

  • 🏄 Jake’s journey from Nova Scotia to Maui

  • 🦌 Why Axis Deer populations increase so rapidly

  • 🍖 Turning a removal project into a meat business

  • 🤯 Their unique, stress-free, night-time harvesting process

  • ⚙️ Building USDA-approved processing for Axis Deer

  • 😮 Ecological and economic imperatives for eating Axis Deer

  • 🎯 Accidentally creating the ‘perfect meat triangle’

  • 🔥 Why taste and quality Always. Comes. First.

  • 💥 Their upcoming broth collab with Kettle & Fire

“When you think it tastes good enough, you have to go back and try and make it taste better. I love it because it's nutrition of place. Ultimately, how good it tastes comes down to how well you take care of your places. My favorite part of the regen conversation is that there are local young people taking care of place. That's what regenerative ag is. People are vested in taking care of this place and its long-term health. That’s an amazing thing to grow here and to see the local community committed to environmental improvement.”

Jacob Muise


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ReGen Brand Events:

🔥 Join the ReGen Brands team at Newtopia Now in Denver, CO August 25th-28th.

👉 Newtopia Now is a new kind of B2B trade event where brands and buyers connect in new ways and are empowered to co-create the next era of purpose-led CPG and retail through a deeper level of engagement. From curated, elevated matchmaking to interactive content and networking, all to build meaningful connections like never before.

Newtopia Now Image

Credit: New Hope Network

ReGen Brand News:

  • Every handmade batch of Strawberry & Red Quinoa Granola features the crispy, golden clusters of organic gluten-free oats that are a hallmark of Michele’s Granola, studded with gently toasted SIMPLi red quinoa.

  • The granola is available in 12oz bags exclusively online.

Credit: Michele’s Granola & SIMPLi

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🌊 Atlantic Sea Farms CEO Briana Warner talks about the new moves to cultivate seaweed in the U.S., from ocean to plate.

🛒 Artisan Tropic products are now available at The Fresh Market & Harris Teeter.

🐥 Tree-Range Farms has received a loan from Steward to assist with purchasing chicks and feed for the 2024 growing season.

🍦 Alec's Ice Cream is now available at Gelson's Markets.

🌳 Burroughs Family Farms' Almond Butter is now available at Lazy Acres Natural Market.

👏 SIMPLi’s Co-Founder Sarela Herrada is awarded EY’s Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2024 Mid-Atlantic.

🥜 ADM is partnering with The J.M. Smucker Co. and the National Black Growers Council to promote the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices on 20,000 peanut acres in the southeastern United States.

🍕 ADM is partnering with Ooni Pizza Ovens to incorporate regenerative agriculture into pizza flour production in the UK.

ReGen Brand Jobs:

Fun Stuff:

🔥 Check out this Regenerative Agriculture trends report from our friends at Socialike following podcast conversations with Big Picture Foods, Alec’s Ice Cream, Nutrient Density Alliance, and ReGen Brands!

Credit: Socialike

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