#65 - 🥔 How Roots Potato Chips Is Proving Regenerative Potatoes Are Possible

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This Week’s Episode:


  • 🥔 Single-origin and regeneratively-farmed potato chips

  • 🤩 Fourth-generation farmer + first-generation CPG founder

  • ✍️ How a college research paper sparked Ladd’s regen curiosity

  • 😯 The stark contrast between their farm and conventional farms

  • 🥇 Being a demo farm for The Nature Conservancy

  • 🚜 The impossibility of eliminating tillage in potato production

  • 🤯 Starting the brand with 25 initial SKUs]

  • 👎 Why don’t retail buyers care more about regen?

  • 🤝 Working with Soil & Climate Health Initiative Verification

  • 🔥 Using the brand as a tool to convert potato farmers to regen

“That's really part of the end goal is for us to get to that point where we can say, ‘hey, this is super profitable. It's good for the environment. It's good for soil. It's good for the farmer, for the bottom line.’ We want this to be a good project for the area and local economy. There's so much potential and interest from neighboring farmers, but there's not an adequate outlet for regenerative potatoes, which we could provide if we're able to scale up.”

Ladd Wahlen


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ReGen Brand News:

  • The newly combined company, with its unique proposition of offering both Zeal Creamery's grass-fed milk, butter, and cheese for retail and Neutral Food's certified carbon neutral milk and beef for foodservice, will continue to operate under the existing brand names.

Credit: Neutral Foods & Zeal Creamery

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🫚 Recoup’s Organic Sparkling Prebiotic Hydration Beverages are now available in Wegmans.

👏 SIMPLi’s Sarela Herrada is among the nation's most intriguing women entrepreneurs.

🧀 Cheddies is now available at Whole Foods Market.

🏆 Guayakí has been named the Mindful Awards' 2024 Company of the Year.

🌈 Ojaswe is featured as an LGBTQ-owned brand to support this Pride Month.

🥖 Wildfarmed has launched new 1KG bags of plain flour and bread flour.

🍷 Bonterra Organic Estates introduces new winemaking team alongside reimagined label.

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