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  • #64 - Castor River's Salvation By Regeneration, Wild Orchard Hits Whole Foods, & Patagonia Provisions Adds Another Beer First

#64 - Castor River's Salvation By Regeneration, Wild Orchard Hits Whole Foods, & Patagonia Provisions Adds Another Beer First

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This Week’s Episode:

#74 - Johnny Hunter @ Castor River Habitat & Farm


  • 🧑‍🌾 The Hunter family’s agricultural legacy

  • 🤯 Committing to farming at 10 years old

  • 💥The rock bottom year that sparked a regen transition

  • 🎰 Why farming is like gambling and the house always wins

  • 👏 Starting a brand to capture de-commoditized value

  • 😂 Breaking into retail selling door-to-door at Hy-Vee

  • 🤝 Their unique partnership with Just Salad

  • 🦆 Why are they a habitat and a farm?

  • 🔍 Onboarding with Regenified™

  • 🍚 Sourcing from other farms to fuel future growth

“We were using lots and lots of synthetic fertilizer. Lots of tillage, lots of water, lots of fungicides, lots of insecticides. Our job as farmers in the old way, was we wanted as much of a laboratory in that field as we could get. We wanted it sterile. Looking forward to today, you know, my farm looks more like a zoo because my job as a regenerative farmer is to bring in as much life as I can into my ecosystem. And I tell people all the time, look, I've got a habitat and I've got a farm. They coexist with one another. The habitat is home to millions and millions of millions of living organisms, both above and below the surface of the soil. And then within this ecosystem, within this habitat, we're raising food. And to me, that's exciting.”

Johnny Hunter


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Recap Image - #74 - Johnny Hunter @ Castor River Habitat & Farm

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ReGen Brand News:

  • Stores across several states including California, Hawaii, Arizona, Nevada and the Northeast area, will showcase Wild Orchard’s Everyday Green Tea, Everyday Black Tea, and their Sunday Brunch tea bag.

Credit: Wild Orchard

  • Deschutes Brewery and Patagonia Provisions have teamed up to launch two new certified organic beers brewed with Kernza® perennial grain: Kernza Lager and Non-Alcoholic Kernza Golden Brew.

  • Both beers will be available nationwide starting September 1, and Non-Alcoholic Kernza Golden Brew will be the first certified organic non-alcoholic craft beer brewed in the U.S.

  • More coverage here from New Hope Network

Credit: Patagonia Provisions

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🍉 Harmless Harvest’s new Organic Sparkling Coconut Water With Watermelon is available exclusively at Target.

🍻 Heineken announced its first harvest of barley from a large-scale regenerative-agriculture model.

🍷 In California’s Greenest AVA, Regenerative Farming Is a Family Business.

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