#62 - Kyle & AC On The Retail & Social Pod, New News, & New Jobs

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This Week’s Episode:

⬇️ Kyle and AC featured as guests on The Retail & Social Podcast!

Retail & Social Podcast Cover Art


  • 🤔 What is regenerative agriculture?

  • 👉 The contentious current state of regenerative claims in CPG

  • 🍉 Why fresh produce is lagging behind other categories in regen adoption

  • 🤯 The diversity of brands and products with regen claims

  • 💪 Are regenerative products more nutrient-dense?

  • 🛍️ How are retailers supporting regenerative brands?

  • 👍 Why we need multiple points of market validation in the regen continuum

  • 👀 Who are some brands to watch in the space?

  • 🙅‍♂️ Why consumers won’t buy products just because they’re regenerative

  • 🤝 Balancing inclusivity and integrity for the biggest possible positive

Other Content:

  • AC joined Elizabeth Whitlow (Regenerative Organic Alliance), Michael D. Ham (Wild Orchard Tea Company), and Fanny Corpet (lively.earth) for a session of the French event, Lauriers de la Régénération (The Laurels of Regeneration) to share insights for the French market on what is happening with regenerative CPG in the United States!

ReGen Brand News:

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🍵 Catspring Yaupon is among the brands leading the charge to re-introduce North America’s Original Buzz

🍷 Ambar Estate, the Willamette Valley’s first Regenerative Organic Certified® vineyard, will be celebrating its tasting room's grand opening in June.

🥚 Kiss The Ground’s latest purchasing guide gives the lowdown on eggs.

❤️ Grgich Hills Estate is hosting an immersive regenerative viticulture training program for Ukrainian vintners to support them during the ongoing conflict with Russia.

🥩 Verde Farms is expanding into more Target stores.

ReGen Brand Jobs:

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