#60 - Verde Farms Goes Regen, Wildfarmed's TV Commercial, & New ROC™ Blueberries

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This Week’s Episode:

#71 - Dana Ehrlich @ Verde Farms


  • 🔌 Going from semiconductors to CPG

  • 🌍 How health and travel inspired the brand

  • 🏗️ Building supply chain before brand

  • 🤯 Landing their big break with Wegman’s & Costco

  • 🥩 Moving all of their volume over to branded sales

  • 🧑‍🌾 Transitioning their supply chain to regenerative

  • 🤠 Why quicker time to slaughter weight is key for rancher adoption

  • 🎯 Consumer first > Customer first

  • 😯 Pivoting to self-manufacturing right before COVID

  • 🚀 Partnering with Manna Tree to fuel future growth

“We've gone a step further and said there's demand for regenerative practices. Not only do you have to do paperwork, but you actually need to change your practices as well. That's a much higher lift. And so there's definitely a price premium that we're extending to the producers. Now they're also seeing a shortened life-cycle to reach slaughter weight, so they're actually being more profitable as well. And so there's a lot of benefit at the farm level for implementing these [regenerative] practices from a pure profitability standpoint.“

Dana Ehrlich


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Recap Image #71 - Dana Ehrlich @ Verde Farms

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ReGen Brand News:

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🍷 Domaine Bousquet has released its first-ever Sustainability Impact Report

🥚 Vital Farms and Regenified™ led a discussion on ‘how to translate regenerative agriculture into consumer marketing’ at Brand-Led Culture Change hosted by Sustainable Brands®

☕ Nescafé is sourcing over 20% of its coffee from farmers using regenerative agriculture practices

ReGen Brand Jobs:

Fun Stuff:

Wildfarmed's first TV Commercial

Credit: Wildfarmed

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