#57 - The Regen Strategy For Hemp's Leading Brand + The 1st ROC™ Beer

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This Week’s Episode:

#68 - Jared Simon @ Manitoba Harvest


  • 💥 Their 25-year history pioneering hemp foods

  • 🌱 The differences between hemp and cannabis

  • 💪 Why hemp is a nutrition powerhouse

  • 🔬 Using AI-Powered nutrition research to drive innovation

  • 👉 Investing upstream to add value

  • 💡 How they think about their regen strategy

  • 📈 Scaling ROC™ hemp with B2B & B2C

  • 👀 The future of regenerative marketing claims

  • 🔥 Educating Tilray’s other brands on regen

  • 🎯 Getting to critical mass with retailers and consumers

“I'm so excited about what we can be doing on Manitoba Harvest itself. And then like I said, having this whole ingredient side of our business where we partner with other brands…we can help them do some of that research and development. I think there's just a huge upside on regenerative hemp.“

Jared Simon


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ReGen Recap 68 - Jared Simon @ Manitoba Harvest

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ReGen Brand Events:

💥 reNourish Studio is hosting an online workshop on Tuesday, April 30th.

“Discover your Business’s Role in Evolving our Food System. The purpose of our upcoming online workshop is to spend three hours with like-minded food-industry business leaders to work through a process that will disrupt what we currently understand about regeneration. The aim is to all walk away with an upgraded sense of the role our businesses can play in contributing to the regeneration of the communities that we are a part of.”

reNourish Studio gathering

Credit: reNourish Studio

ReGen Brand News:

  • The IPA is made with Regenerative Organic Certified Kernza, Regenerative Organic Certified Pilsner Malt, and organic Chinook Hops and Strata Hops.

Organic Beer Image

Credit: Amy Kumler

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

💰 Little Sesame recently received $2.2M from the USDA’s Organic Market Development Grant program - here’s how that capital benefits their business and regenerative organic farmers.

👉 General Mills says it is over halfway towards its 2030 regenerative agriculture goals in latest Global Responsibility Report.

🌭 New Seasons Market has partnered with Carman Ranch to launch a private-label hot dog certified by Regenified™.

🍺 Patagonia Provisions has added Pure Project to its roster of partner brewers for the Kernza Lager.

🥛 Nestlé shares how they’re approaching regenerative agriculture in their European supply chains - both on the farm and with consumers.

🍚 Lotus Foods publishes its 2023 Impact Report touting that their White and Brown Organic Basmati Rice are the world's first and only rice to be Regenerative Organic Certified® Gold.

🌽 Nestlé Purina is partnering with Cargill to increase the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices in its grain supply chain.

🥣 Bob’s Red Mill is partnering with Zero Foodprint to implement regenerative farming practices with select growers.

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Credit: White Oak Pastures

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