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  • #56 - 🥩 The Seven Sons Scaling DTC Regen Meat, 🦴 Pet Nutrition Goes ROC™, & 🎟️ Lundberg's Regen Sweepstakes

#56 - 🥩 The Seven Sons Scaling DTC Regen Meat, 🦴 Pet Nutrition Goes ROC™, & 🎟️ Lundberg's Regen Sweepstakes

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This Week’s Episode:

#67 - Blaine & Brooks Hitzfield @ Seven Sons


  • 👏 Growing to 14,000 customers & 75,000 orders a year

  • 😦 Their family journey from conventional pork to regen beef

  • ❓️ Are there actually seven sons in this business!?

  • 🤯 Scaling to 53 pickup locations then shutting them down

  • 👉 Why education isn’t a winning marketing strategy

  • 😵‍💫 How to avoid “death by diversity” as a farmer

  • 🍗 The challenges of pastured poultry economics

  • 🎯 Winning with Quality, Authenticity, & Convenience

  • 💲 Their winning DTC playbook (acquisition, retention, assortment)

  • 💡 Being your own customer to improve your business

“There's different things that people care about most, but one common thing is that they've lost trust in where they were buying their food…We really feel like our differentiator when it comes to separating us from you know, some people who've got much larger marketing teams out there… is we have to be able to connect customers to where their food is coming from and what's actually happening on the farm and what's happening on our partner farms.”

Brooks Hitzfield

“We found out within 3 years, we needed to have stronger partnerships…which has been a big part of our impact and what we do here because, when we started our transition into regenerative, we did not have a premium market to go to. So there was that 10-year struggle, and we feel like a big part of our impact now is to be able to…help with that transition by having a premium market for them.”

Blaine Hitzfield


  • Don’t have time for the full episode? 😵‍💫 

  • Check out the recap! 🙃 

  • Everything you need to know in less than 5 minutes. 🥳

Regen Recap 67 Image

Click Image For Recap

ReGen Brand Events:

💥 reNourish Studio is hosting an online workshop on Tuesday, April 30th.

“Discover your Business’s Role in Evolving our Food System. The purpose of our upcoming online workshop is to spend three hours with like-minded food-industry business leaders to work through a process that will disrupt what we currently understand about regeneration. The aim is to all walk away with an upgraded sense of the role our businesses can play in contributing to the regeneration of the communities that we are a part of.”

reNourish Studio gathering

Credit: reNourish Studio

ReGen Brand News:

  • As the first and only pet nutrition brand with a selection of Regenerative Organic Certified® products, Cave Pets is believed to be the only pet brand in the world sourcing ingredients and manufacturing pet supplements on more than 4,000 acres of vertically integrated, ROC™ farmland in Tennessee and Missouri.

cave pets ROC announcement

Credit: Cave Pets

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🫒 Big Picture Foods has secured $600k in inventory financing from Steward.

🤤 Artisan Tropic is giving away a chance to win a $200 Whole Foods gift card for feedback on potential flavor additions to their product lineup.

👏 Painterland Sisters is officially on retailer shelves in all 50 states.

📝 PCC Community Markets recently brought together food industry officials to discuss strategies for establishing consistent standards to define regenerative agriculture.

👉 Burroughs Family Farms makes noise at Expo West in an article showing ‘how Whole Foods Market finds the next big thing.’

🧪 Wide Open Agriculture announces it has successfully developed a groundbreaking lupin fiber that is ready for commercialization.

🏆 Atlantic Sea Farms, Dr Bronner’s, and Lundberg Family Farms have been named Whole Foods Supplier All-Stars for 2023.

🍻 Patagonia Provisions is partnering with Roadhouse Brewing to produce the Kernza Lager.

🤝 Applegate has announced a new partnership with American Farmland Trust.

🍗 LaBelle Patrimoine announced that it would start using a new claim of regeneratively raised approved by the USDA.

🫖 Kirin Holdings Company has entered a partnership with the Rainforest Alliance on a project to develop and pilot a regenerative agriculture tea framework, “The Regenerative Tea Scorecard.”

ReGen Brand Jobs:

Fun Stuff:

🎟️ Lundberg Family Farms has announced their 2nd annual world of regeneration sweepstakes!

🤩 Plus they shared an epic recap video of what last year’s winners learned!

Lundberg sweepstakes 2024

Credit: Lundberg Family Farms

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