#55 - Alec's Drops 9 New Flavors + A Solo EP From Kyle & AC

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This Week’s Episode:

#66 - Expo West Recap: Claims, Capital, & The Fallacy of Competition


  • 🖤 The power of human connection

  • 🤤 Our favorite new items from regen brands

  • 🔊 Regenerative dominates Climate Day content

  • ⭐ Regen brands take home 5 NEXTYs

  • 😍 Big sourcing commitments and funding rounds announced

  • 💯 Today’s major operating hurdles for regenerative brands

  • 💰 Current investment landscape and implications for regen brands

  • 👀 California defining “regenerative agriculture”

  • 👉 The fallacy of positive competition in the regenerative movement

  • 🙏 Using hope, empathy, and vulnerability to create harmony in regen CPG

“If regenerative has to be organic and if people have to pay a premium for regenerative products, the impact the movement can make for both human and planetary health is going to be significantly diminished. And unless we can start to incentivize arable land in mass to adopt these principles and practices, we are not going to mitigate and or reverse climate change. And we are not going to make a significant impact on improving human health.”

Kyle Krull

“The needs for innovative financing are really outpacing the support coming to greet those. There's some really cool innovative ideas, but we need to see the organization and capital come behind those ideas for us to go put together proof of concept and scale them. And if we think about CPG, we pour a bunch of money into product innovation, formulation innovation, etc. - we have to think of finance the same way. We have to innovate from a financing perspective and how we capitalize these enterprises.”

Anthony Corsaro


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ReGen Recap 66 - Expo West Recap: Claims, Capital, & The Fallacy of CompetitionExpo West Recap: Claims, Capital, & The Fallacy of Competition

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ReGen Brand News:

  • The 9 new flavors will be rolling out nationally this spring, expanding Alec's lineup to a total of 14 flavors.

  • Partnerships with pioneering organic and regenerative suppliers include the Native Green Cane Project (Regenerative Organic Certified [ROC] cane sugar) and the Alexandre Family Farm (Land to Market Regenerative Verified A2 dairy), as well as new partnerships with sustainability pioneers such as Burroughs Family Orchards (ROC almonds), Groundwork Coffee (Nicaragua SOPPEXCCA ROC coffee), New Leaf Tree Syrups (ROC maple syrup) and Sol Organica (ROC bananas).

Credit: Alec’s Ice Cream

  • New Seasons Market is launching “Building Better Soil for a Healthier Future,” where the grocer and 25 select vendor partners are collaborating to donate ONE PERCENT of their sales to benefit Zero Foodprint, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping farmers and ranchers implement regenerative agricultural practices.

New Seasons Market "Building Better Soil for a Healthier Future" Campaign

Credit: New Season’s Market

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🥖 King Arthur Baking Co.’s quest toward 100% regeneratively grown products.

🥩 American Farmers Network to bolster definition and establish criteria for regeneratively raised grass-fed beef.

🍗 Tree-Range Farms is hoping to grow momentum through unique media and storytelling.

📈 Painterland Sisters - how two sisters created a super-fast-growing yogurt company.

🍷 Bonterra Organic Estates is partnering with Allbirds to launch a pop-up experience for sustainable living.

👉 Cooks Venture tried to raise chickens better. Then 1M birds were killed.

ReGen Brand Jobs:

Fun Stuff:

😍 We love to see a regenerative retail activation!

Regenerative Retail Activaton @ Lazy Acres

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