#51 - Winning At Retail With Regen Hummus

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This Week’s Episode:

#63 - Nick Wiseman @ Little Sesame


  • 😍 “Freshly spun” hummus made with regen chickpeas

  • 😯 Pivoting from restaurant to CPG during COVID

  • 🍋 Their new lemon preserve hummus

  • 🔥 The ROI in self-manufacturing

  • 🤝 Partnering with their chickpea farmer, Casey Bailey

  • 🤯 Farmer Casey’s “10-year regen experiment” and 17-crop rotation

  • 🎯 Obsessing over velocities to drive growth

  • 💰 Why brands need diverse capital stacks and new financial models

  • 🥳 Using seasonal SKUs and brand collabs to grow

  • 🚀 Planning 1,000+ demos for 2024

“That’s what this whole movement is really about – connection. It’s a human thing that can drive these big cultural shifts. We are the ones who ultimately control the market forces. If we can get the consumer to shift, we can get agriculture to shift. One person at a time, having honest conversations. And food is a great tool to facilitate those conversation. And hummus is a perfect, even better food to do it with. Dig into a plate of hummus and have these conversations, and I think we can start to see some real shifts.”

Nick Wiseman


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ReGen Brand Events:

🔥 Tree Range Farms & Regenerative Agriculture Alliance are hosting the 3rd Annual Regenerative Poultry Convergence on March 21-22. Gain a better understanding of the Poultry Centered Regenerative Agriculture (PCRA) ecosystem and connect with fellow business partners, investors, and farmers.

Credit: Regenerative Agriculture Alliance

💥 Force of Nature's annual "WHAT GOOD SHALL I DO" conference on April 19-20 brings together ranchers, farmers, researchers, nutritionists, and conscious consumers for 2-3 days of education, networking, planning, and ACTION focused on regenerating ourselves and our landscapes.

Force of Nature - What Good Shall I Do

Credit: Force of Nature

ReGen Brand News:

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

☸️ Chakra Chai’s ayurvedic superdrinks are now available at Jimbo’s.

🍭 Whole Earth Brands, the maker of Equal and Wholesome Sweeteners, is being purchased by an affiliate of Sababa Holdings.

📋 Kiss The Ground’s latest Regenerative Purchasing Guide focuses on wine and chocolate.

☕️ Salt Spring Coffee is showcasing Canada’s first Regenerative Organic Certified® coffee and touting its bold ad campaign ahead of its U.S. retail debut.

🔬 General Mills and Unilever, recently made significant investments in a University of Maryland-led initiative to evaluate the adoption and efficacy of climate-smart farming practices.

🍦 Alec’s Ice Cream is churning out regenerative organic ice cream even tender tummies can savor, and the brand has just launched its newest flavor, Triple Chocolate Blackout Cookie.

ReGen Brand Jobs:

Fun Stuff:

Friend of the program, Patrick Smith, has launched Soil Upside to help the world make sense of the various financial incentives to improve soil health.

Credit: Soil Upside

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