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  • #50 - France's Radically Transparent Regen Leader + Lundberg's 90-Second Rice Goes ROC™

#50 - France's Radically Transparent Regen Leader + Lundberg's 90-Second Rice Goes ROC™

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This Week’s Episode:

#62 - Joséphine Bournonville @ Omie


  • 🇫🇷 France’s leading regen brand with over 200 products!

  • 🚜 Joséphine’s journey ​​from agribusiness to regen CPG

  • 🤯 Working with 46 manufacturers and 260 farmers

  • 🥣 Their new kids' cereal lineup featuring millet

  • 🔥 The power of a strong DTC customer community

  • 💯 Using radical transparency to build trust

  • 📝 Roadmapping improvements with “the regeneration index”

  • 👏 Dedicating 1% of sales to regen practice adoption

  • 🔊 The recent farmer protests in France & Europe

  • 🗯️ Engaging in advocacy + policy to drive change

“70% of consumers in France don’t trust brands anymore, they also don’t trust the retailer. The food sector is known for being very opaque. Like, you don't tell the margin. You don't tell what's going on, you don’t even know who the manufacturer is or the farmer. So we decided to be very different in that sense and say everything. And it works for us because we build that trust.”

Joséphine Bournonville


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ReGen Brand Events:

🔥 Tree Range Farms & Regenerative Agriculture Alliance are hosting the 3rd Annual Regenerative Poultry Convergence on March 21-22. Gain a better understanding of the Poultry Centered Regenerative Agriculture (PCRA) ecosystem and connect with fellow business partners, investors, and farmers.

💥 Force of Nature's annual "WHAT GOOD SHALL I DO" conference on April 19-20 brings together ranchers, farmers, researchers, nutritionists, and conscious consumers for 2-3 days of education, networking, planning, and ACTION focused on regenerating ourselves and our landscapes.

Force of Nature - What Good Shall I Do

Credit: Force of Nature

ReGen Brand News:

  • All SKUs are USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified™, Non-GMO Project Verified, & Regenerative Organic Certified®

  • These items are available now at Sprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods Market, and coming soon to Thrive Market

Source: Lundberg Family Farms

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🍫 Alter Eco Foods has been acquired by Trek One Capital.

🐄 Good Culture is expanding its Path to Pasture program to include more dairy farmers.

👖 Citizens of Humanity Group & Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA) are teaming up to launch a data-driven standard for growing regenerative cotton called Integrity Grown™. And Citizens of Humanity is launching its first collections using regeneratively farmed fabric. (Bonus fashion content! 👏)

ReGen Brand Jobs:

Fun Stuff:

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