#49 - Regenerating Australia's Wheat Belt & Painterland's BIG Funding Round

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This Week’s Episode:

#61 - Jay Albany @ Wide Open Agriculture


  • 👏 Their mission to regenerate the Western Australian wheat belt

  • 🔮 How Jay met the Founders and joined the team

  • 🥩 Bringing better food to Western Australia

  • 🍔 Landing a burger joint to catalyze their brand

  • 📈 Growing Dirty Clean Food to $12M

  • 🥛 Launching the world’s 1st regenerative oat milk

  • 💰 Sweetening the economics of sweet lupins

  • 💥 Introducing Buntine Protein® - a better plant-based protein

  • 🔥 Why Buntine Protein® is better

  • 👍 Tackling local and global impact at once to scale regen

“We’re a business that’s about creating and securing commercial offtake to help people confidently invest in switching to regenerative or helping people who are already regenerative get a fair price for what they’re doing.”

Jay Albany


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ReGen Brand News:

  • They boast 700+ investors across 14 countries

  • 37% of investments are from Pennsylvania

  • The average investment is $1,930

  • 78% of their investors are first-time Wefunder investors

Source: Painterland Sisters

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🔥 Singing Pastures is making a case for regeneratively-farmed meat snacks. “We don’t just support regenerative agriculture, we live it.”

📋 Kiss The Ground’s new Regenerative Purchasing Guide features regen brands “you can find at your grocery store.”

🍷 Troon Vineyard leads the industry with nutritional, ingredient, and packaging barcodes on bottles.

The Non-GMO Project's new report, Who Is the Natural Shopper in 2024?, shows that 78% of adult shoppers agree that “the health of the soil impacts the nutrition in my food” while 61% agree that “organic and regenerative farming can improve the nutrient density of our food.”

🎟️ Burroughs Family Farms is hosting their 3rd annual Regenerative Almond Field Day on February 22nd.

🌿 Ancient Nutrition & Gaia Herbs are each powering growth with their company-owned ROC™ farms.

🥩 Grass Fed Foods is rolling out its latest product line that caters to kids.

🍇 ‘It’s the Wild West for regenerative viticulture right now’ - with strong proponents and strong opponents of 3rd party certifications.

🍞 Farmer Direct Foods and other bakery suppliers are leaning into regenerative agriculture practices.

👏 Herb Pharm announces their first Regenerative Organic Certified® product – Rosemary!

👀 Climate Collaborative has released an updated Regenerative Agriculture Certscape featuring information on 5 programs.

ReGen Brand Jobs:

Fun Stuff:

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