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ReGen Brand News:

  • “To ensure high-quality, nutritious milk, we’re proud to partner with Alexandre Family Farm for our new A2/A2 Whole Milk Shakes. They are the leading regenerative organic certified dairy farm in the US.”

  • “When we decided to go into dairy, it was imperative that we partnered with farms that are making a positive impact on our planet and in the dairy industry specifically.” - Cassandra Curtis, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

Once Upon A Farm A2/A2 Milk Shakes

Credit: Once Upon A Farm

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🥇 Heirloom Coffee Roasters’ Pacayal Honey Lot has been selected as a 2024 Good Food Awards Finalist, marking the first time a Regenerative Organic Certified® Coffee has ever made it to the finals.

📉 Mondelēz International advances progress toward 2050 net zero emissions goal with regenerative agriculture playing a major role.

☀️ Acknowledge’s cannabis farm is leading a green revolution with living soil, enhancing product quality and reducing environmental impact.

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Fun Stuff:

📸 My girlfriend and I at the Beverly Hills premiere of Common Ground last week!

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