#45 - Refocusing The Family Farm On CPG + Certification Annual Report Stats

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This Week’s Episode:


  • 👉 Health and accessibility challenges that made Derrick a farmer

  • 😂 The family raising their first 25 backyard birds

  • 😯 Scaling to 4,000 pastured chickens in 11 months

  • 💰 Diversifying into 5 income streams (poultry, eggs, beef, pork, and dairy)

  • 🔥 Providing a 65-family “buying club” with all of their meat and dairy

  • 🎯 Why they launched their first CPG product

  • 😡 How USDA loans discriminate against small, regenerative farmers

  • 💡 Formulating, designing, and launching Grazed Snax

  • 💥 Shifting their whole focus to pasture-raised meat sticks

  • 👏 Why “bringing farmers to the table” is key to a regenerative future

“Farmers are already producing, right? Farmers are already producing good products, but we need more brands and marketers that are willing to bring the farmer to the table. We want them at the table, in the conversation, because we're less likely to take advantage of them. They will produce the products in a way that's regenerative and not just sustainable. So if we share these stories and tell them how farmers are actually doing it, we get people to trust these CPG products and support regenerative ag.”

Derrick Jackson


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ReGen Brand News:

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🏅 Land to Market™ now boasts 80 brand partners and over 1,000 verified products according to The Savory Institute's most recent Annual Report.

🏅 Regenerative Organic Certified® now boasts 127 licensed brands and 853 products with ROC™ content according to the Regenerative Organic Alliance’s most recent annual report.

☕️ Heirloom Coffee Roasters is using Bellwether’s electric roasters to power their “regenerative roasting lab.”

🍫 Cocoa certifications are becoming an “administration hell” for farmers and cooperatives.

🎧 Check out Brita & Bryce Lundberg from Lundberg Family Farms on The Modern Acre Podcast.

🌱 Pocono Organics wrapped up 2023 with a long list of achievements, including upgrading to Regenerative Organic Certified® Silver.

👩‍🌾 GoodSAM Foods expands distribution to Whole Foods and Heather Terry shares her reflections after attending COP28.

🍞 Meet the research lab and regenerative farmer behind King Arthur’s inaugural Regeneratively-Grown Climate Blend Flour.

🥭 Sol Organica, the parent company of Sol Simple, has released its latest impact report.

🥖 Matthews Cotswold Flour’s recently launched All Purpose Regenerative White Flour is a UK-first.

🥐 A new study on Northeastern bakers' views on organic and regeneratively certified flours found a preference for Certified Organic whole-wheat flour and interest in Regenerative Organic Certified® flour, but also showed that budget constraints are a significant factor limiting the use of organic flour.

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