#44 - Reader Survey + ROC Eclipses 5M Acres + Kettle & Fire's Commitment

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ReGen Brands Insights (ICYMI):

  • 🥳  Elizabeth Candelario takes the reigns to share how the Regenerative Impact Program partnership between Purely Elizabeth and Mad Agriculture resulted in love at first sight.

🙋‍♂️ We are hoping to feature a guest blog post every week.

📧 Drop me a line if you have something to share at the intersection of regenerative agriculture and CPG.

ReGen Brand News:

  • The company has committed to sourcing one million pounds of 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef bones.

  • “One of the biggest gaps we see today is the need to bring awareness to the concept of regenerative agriculture in order to increase supply and demand for both farmers and buyers. The more people understand, the more we hope to help increase the amount of regeneratively sourced ingredients in grocery stores.”

Kettle & Fire Regenerative Beef Bone Broth

Credit: Kettle & Fire

👉 Regenerative Organic Certified® Eclipses 5 Million Acres

  • The certification program has now certified 5.7 million acres, over 50,000 farmers, and 371 crops with 188 licensed brands and 827 products available in the marketplace.

Credit: Regenerative Organic Alliance

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🎁 Regenerative Organic Certified® holiday gift ideas.

🧀 Cheddies wants to be “the best cheese cracker out there.”

👏 New Barn Organics announces commitment to the 100 Million Acres Project.

🍟 McCain Foods is teaming up with A&W to serve “McCain Regen Fries” at their locations across Ontario to celebrate World Soil Day.

💰 The Sustainable Markets Initiative’s agribusiness task force (which includes Mars, McCain Foods, McDonald’s, Mondelez International, PepsiCo) has announced the launch of a new blended finance framework that could unlock trillions of dollars for regenerative agriculture.

👟 Koio co-founder Johannes Quodt shares the inspiration and execution behind their regenerative product line with Forbes. (ReGen Fashion Brand Bonus Content!)

ReGen Policy:

“Last year, the passage of the IRA included a historic $20B investment in conservation. Now, members of Congress are trying to divert those funds towards commodity programs - in fact, the proposed diversion of funds could benefit “fewer than 6000” of America’s farmers and shut out as many as 165,000 producers from conservation funding.

Credit: Kiss The Ground / Regenerate America

Take action as a consumer citizen: If you care about the food you eat, the health of the environment, or the future of farming, contact Congress today - visit the Action Center and call or email your representative to demand that they protect the IRA funding for ag conservation.”

ReGen Brand Jobs:

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