#42 - Wildway Goes 100% ROC™ + Kettle & Fire's Big Commitment

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This Week’s Episode:

#56 - Kyle Koehler @ Wildway


  • 👏 Wildway’s commitment to 100% Regenerative Organic Certified®

  • 😂 How Kyle cold-called his way into Whole Foods

  • 👍 Not wanting the brand to be synonymous with diet culture

  • 🤯 Bootstrapping the brand for its entire 11-year journey

  • 👎 Challenges of transitioning products to organic + regenerative

  • 🤝 Why pre-competitive collaborations can scale regen supply

  • 🔥 Using “beyond sustainable” to spur consumer curiosity

  • 😡 The pitfalls of the current CPG financing landscape

  • 💰 Funding their future with redeemable equity

  • 🎯 Kyle’s 3-pronged approach to Wildway’s future strategy

“All the price considerations from distribution into retail, it becomes a lot to chew on, right? When you start factoring in all those things and try to build all those things into your margin calculation, it can become a nightmare – especially with something like a granola that's got a dozen ingredients. It's not something that's gonna happen overnight.”

Kyle Koehler


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ReGen Brand News:

  • The brand believes the future of farming lies with regenerative, and this is one way they can have a direct impact on increasing demand for regeneratively-grown ingredients and awareness for change.

  • Kettle & Fire announced their commitment during a two-day immersive experience in New York City that was free to the public and designed to confront and educate consumers on the shocking flaws in the U.S. food system and introduce the changes Kettle & Fire is leading for a healthier future.

Kettle & Fire Regenerative Beef Bone Broth

Credit: Kettle & Fire

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🥛 BAM Buckwheat Milk, America's first and only plant-based milk made from buckwheat is now available at select Southern California retailers. Organic, Gluten-Free, and Climate-Smart, BAM is headed for Regenerative certification in 2024.

👏 Will & Jenni Harris from White Oak Pastures were guests on Episode #2062 of The Joe Rogan Experience.

🚜 PepsiCo has announced the third year of the Positive Agriculture Outcomes (PAO) Accelerator by backing eight new innovation projects across nine countries to support the company's goal to spread the adoption of regenerative farming practices across 7 million acres by 2030.

👀 The California Department of Food and Agriculture will be hosting the first of five public listening sessions to receive comments that will help define “regenerative agriculture” for state policies and programs.

🍻 A deep dive into Patagonia ProvisionsFirst National Regenerative Organic Certified® Kernza® Brewing Project.

🍍 While many agriculture giants don’t own their own assets, approximately half of all produce sold at Fresh Del Monte comes from company-owned farms. That’s allowed the company to test out regenerative practices, from biological corridors to composting and the implementation of cover crops.

🎁 Check out this Holiday Gift & Entertainment Guide from Land to Market™ featuring many of their verified regenerative brands and products.

ReGen Brand Jobs:

Fun Stuff:

I’ve been loving these “Meet Our Farmers” posts from Sol Simple!

Credit: Sol Simple

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