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This Week’s Episode:

#54 - Cody Hopkins @ Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative


  • 👏 Why Cody started the Co-Op after being a small poultry farmer

  • 🧑‍🌾 Being vertically integrated and cooperating 50+ farmers

  • 🤔 Learning from Zingerman’s ecosystem of businesses

  • 💰 Partnering with Heifer International & Heifer USA

  • 🔥 Balancing standardization and contextualization

  • 🔪 Having ownership in their processor, Cypress Valley Meats

  • 🥇 Onboarding with Land to Market™ & EOV™

  • 😍 Why philanthropists should fund nutrient density testing

  • 💥 Using guaranteed contracts + “common pay rates” to buy from farmers

  • 🤯 Why regen needs scale, efficiency, and vertical integration

“Through our co-operative, we have built a more sustainable model for our farm and our community. We enable the farmers to really focus on being great farmers. Over time, we’ve partnered with experts in processing, marketing, sales, distribution, customer service, without having the farmers lose oversight and ownership.”

Cody Hopkins


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ReGen Brands Insights (ICYMI):

  • How utilizing the People, Planet and Palate Framework can create a continuous positive feedback loop that helps scale regenerative agriculture.

Regeneration Through Innovation by Alisa Knapp

ReGen Brand News:

  • Anytime, a female-founded, regenerative and transparent cocktail and spirits company, proudly announces the release of its Farmhouse Vodka and Farmhouse Gin, the first Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC) spirits to ever hit shelves."

  • Only 1% of US farmland is certified organic. We know that there's a demand for organic products, and only 1% of alcohol is certified organic. And so we're like, if organic is growing year over year, let's sort of bank on that last part of the value chain that people really want to get behind, which is regenerative,” says Rotman

  • Check out all the press from Forbes, BevNet, Craft Spirits, & Trend Hunter

  • Hear Maddy & Taylor talk about the launch and their vision for Anytime on Episode 51

  • Purchase Anytime’s Farmhouse Vodka & Gin HERE

Credit: Anytime

  • The company is now selling a 100% Regeneratively-Grown Climate Blend - first available exclusively at Whole Foods and on King Arthur’s website. The product is verified by the third-party service Regenified™.

  • King Arthur is using just 1 of its about 30 milling partners for this climate blend but it plans to bring regenerative grains to its entire milling network eventually. That’s part of the brand’s goal that by 2030, 100% of the flour in its bags will be milled from regeneratively-grown wheat.

King Arthur Regen Flour

Credit: King Arthur Baking Company

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🥣 Gruff Ancient Grain Grits capitalizes on regenerative organic farming.

🍅 Tomato Bliss is “revolutionizing the perception of tomatoes” as one of Notre Dame's Campus Dining’s newest vendors.

🍫 Dr. Bronner’s has launched three new Oat Milk Chocolate flavors of its Magic All-One Chocolate that are made with Regenerative Organic Certified® ingredients.

🍿 Quinn is now B-Corp Certified, due in part to its work on regenerative agriculture.

👉 Brands like GoodSAM Foods, Herbal Essences, Luker Chocolate, & King Arthur Baking Company are betting big on Decarbonized, Regenerative Supply Chains.

🍷 Neal Family Vineyards, a Regenerative Organic Certified® vineyard in Napa Valley, has announced its latest vintage: The One & Only Collection.

📈 New ADM Report Highlights Power, Urgency of Regenerative Agriculture for Consumers and CPGs.

ReGen Policy:

Last year, the passage of the IRA included a historic $20B investment in conservation that would help sequester carbon, build resilience to drought and floods, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support rural communities, and save wildlife habitats.

Now, members of Congress are trying to divert those funds towards commodity programs that would only benefit 6000 of the wealthiest farms, leaving millions of other farms – those that are small to medium, regenerative and organic, grass-fed or holistically grazing – in the dust.

Credit: Kiss The Ground / Regenerate America

We can’t let Congress fleece America’s farmers. They must follow through on the promise they made to rural America and keep all $20 billion in conservation. Take action today - tell your representatives to keep their promise and protect IRA funding for conservation!

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Fun Stuff:

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