#38 - Rocketship Regen Skyr + Grants 4 Regen Brands + Wildway Goes ROC™

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This Week’s Episode:

#52 - Hayley Painter @ Painterland Sisters


  • 💥 The difference between skyr, greek, and regular yogurt

  • 🐄 Why their cows are “grass-based” versus “grass-fed”

  • 🙏 Why CPG was the best path to safeguard their farm

  • 😂 Hand-labeling the first 60,000 yogurts

  • 👏 Eclipsing $1M in revenue in the first 12 months

  • 👍 Pooling organic milk from their neighbor farms for supply

  • 💪 Why their yogurts are packed with nutrition

  • 🎯 How regenerative starts with adequate farmer livelihoods

  • 😍 Leveraging “The Moo Crew” to boost retail sales

  • 💰 Their WeFunder campaign happening NOW

“To me, regenerative means sustaining and giving back to the land, the soil, the environment, the animals, the communities, and the farmer itself.”

“The farmer is the steward of the land, and if farmers can't even sustain themselves and their kids for future generations, how can they provide for the land and to the animals?”

Hayley Painter


  • Don’t have time for the full episode? 😵‍💫 

  • Check out the recap! 🙃 

  • Everything you need to know in less than 5 minutes. 🥳

Grants 🤝 ReGen Brands:

  • 🥳 Elaina Michael shares how Refontê Ventures is helping regenerative brands properly understand, apply for, and activate pools of grant capital.

  • 👉 “In our short two-year history we’ve helped clients access $1.2 million in grant funding from both federal and private sources. Having a trusted partner who can help you activate this capital can bring immense value, as evidenced by the 747% ROI for clients who have been awarded grants while working with us.”

🙋‍♂️ We are hoping to feature a guest blog post every week.

📧 Drop me a line if you have something to share at the intersection of regenerative agriculture and CPG.

ReGen Brands Insights (ICYMI):

  • “Regenerative branding is in a rut. An unsexy rut, preaching only to the converted. Moving beyond the grassroots base, reaching an inflection point, and generating mass appeal requires regen brands to embrace a new, slower, and detail-oriented strategy to develop intimate, lasting relationships with consumers.”

ReGen Brand News:

  • The Oats are available in 4 flavors: Original, Raspberry Chia, Maple Coconut Sugar, and Banana Nut, and will be available at Whole Foods Markets in the Northeast and Southern California and online via the Wildway website.

  • "We've always committed to bring consumers 'back to the Wild,' and if we truly want to get there, we must embrace the wild agricultural principles that are wild by design. Introducing regenerative farming as a vital addition to our ethos signifies our dedication to our planet's well-being and, equally, to our consumers' health.” - Kyle Koehler, CEO

Credit: Wildway

  • A very comprehensive update from various conversations at SB’23 on all things ‘regenerative agriculture’

Credit: Sustainable Brands

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🔥 Tickets are now available for Force of Nature’s annual “What Good Shall I Do” conference in April 2024.

🦬 The Wild Idea Buffalo Co. stands as a testament to the possibilities of a different approach to buffalo ranching.

👏 SIMPLi has been chosen as an Inaugural Partner for the Maryland Innovation Lab.

☕️ Illy Caffè is launching a “regenerative agriculture” labeled coffee product in partnership with the Cerrado Coffee Growers Federation who are certified by Regenagri.

🤩 Check out this epic Regenerative Gift Guide from Farmer’s Footprint & Rêve En Vert.

ReGen Brand Jobs:

Fun Stuff:

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