#35 - Regenerate by UGG™ + Blackcurrant Adult Beverages + 2 New ROC™ Announcements

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This Week’s Episode:

#49 - Rachael Petach @ Current Cassis


  • 🫄 How Rachael’s pregnancy inspired her brand

  • 💪 The amazing nutritional profile of blackcurrants

  • 🥃 Why she started with alcoholic beverages

  • 😂 Making the first products in her Brooklyn apartment

  • 🤯 Why blackcurrants were illegal and why they’re coming back

  • 💫 Moving to upstate New York to grow the business

  • 🔥 Building an experiential distillery & tasting room

  • 👏 The economic and environmental potential of US agroforestry

  • 💥 Upcycling waste streams to create new products

  • 🚫 Why leading with regen in marketing won’t work

“From a branding side, we're not using regen or organic certified. Our product is amazing and I really believe in its potential and the way that it impacts the environment and human health. But I’d guess a good majority of people do not care about whether something is horrifying for them or not. I want someone to pick it up because it's cute and tastes good. I want it to be indirect. High Noon isn’t talking about their nutrition benefits. Coca-Cola doesn't talk about environmental impact. These are not keys to success in these categories. But how cool is it to give people who wouldn’t necessarily be curious about those aspects from a purchase point of view to realize they can feel extra good about a product.”

Rachael Petach


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ReGen Brand News:

  • Regenerate by UGG™ is an all-gender sustainability-focused collection crafted with materials from land cared for with regenerative traditions.

  • By 2025, UGG® has vowed to help restore one million acres of grassland into regenerative farmland. In 2022, the brand established a long-term grant with Savory Institute to support regenerative farming practices on sheep farms in Australia. Today, UGG® has contributed to the restoration of 310,000 acres.

  • Learn more about the collection here.

Regenerate by UGG™ marketing photo

Credit: UGG®

💥 WANTED: Regen Fashion Expert

👉 Are you an expert on all things regenerative fashion? Do you spend hours following the latest news when it comes to regenerative commitments from fashion brands in terms of fibers, textiles, leathers, etc.?

🎯 We’re looking to add a “regen fashion expert” to our team to cover this part of the regen brands universe and replicate what we’ve done to date in food and beverage.

🙋‍♀️ If this sounds like you or someone you know please drop me a line!

  • This revolutionary line encompasses 16 products in the probiotics, herbal functional mushroom categories, achieving ROC™, USDA Organic, and Non-GMO status.

Ancient Nutrition ROC™ supplements

Credit: Ancient Nutrition

  • Fairtrasa partnered with LatBio to help transition and certify smallholder farmers in Ecuador where the bananas are grown.

Fairtrasa bananas photo

Credit: Fairtrasa

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

😍 White Oak Pastures has raised $1.9M via Steward’s online lending platform.

📊 Planet FWD has just launched an AI-powered decarbonization platform specifically designed for the food and beverage industry.

🥩 Grass Fed Foods has formed an exclusive collaborative partnership with Matador Ranch & Cattle.

🧀 Cheddies has been added as a snack option at the Houston Rocket’s Toyota Center.

ReGen Brand Jobs:

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