#32 - Regenerating Iowa + ROC™ Eclipses 1M Acres + 11 NEXTY Finalists

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This Week’s Episode:

#46 - Christian & Nick @ 99 Counties


  • 🤯 Iowa’s massive problems linked to food & agriculture

  • 📈 How Nick started Wallace Farms and grew it to $1M+

  • 🤔 The growth plateau that caused Nick to think bigger

  • 🙏 Nick’s inspiration for 99 Counties from the Acres Eco-Ag Conference

  • 🛻 How Christian met Nick and became his Co-Founder

  • ✉️ Using direct mail “love letters” in their marketing strategy

  • 🥩 Solving for whole carcass utilization through product development

  • 📦 Differences between a DTC-focused and retail-focused brand

  • 🇺🇸 Going national to do more good in Iowa

  • 🔥 Why it’s time for all of us to “pick a side”

“Iowa is 90% corn and soybeans, but that’s not feeding people and it’s having a lot of negative impact on the land and human health. With just enough consumers, we can really make a difference in Iowa and ultimately the world.”

Christian Ebersol

“We’re giving consumers easy access to healthier meat. We’re serving as the middleman for those farmers who don’t have the time to market, package, and sell their regenerative meat direct to consumers, and can’t go commodity because they’re not big enough. It’s a way to honor their work and honor the animals, and create amazing products in the middle sold at a fair price.”

Nick Wallace


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ReGen Brand Deals:

  • Tree-Range® Farms is the market-facing arm of a whole community-based regenerative ecosystem designed to transform the poultry industry.

  • “Our goal is to raise the money to fund 20,000 chickens. The money it costs to raise a chicken is not typically paid until the chicken is sold in a store, however, at Tree-Range Farms, we cover the costs of the chicks, feed, transport and processing, in order to alleviate the risk of those costs for the farmers. By supporting Tree-Range® Farms, you are contributing to the highest standard of animal welfare, supporting family farms, building stronger communities and healthier food availability for all.”

  • 👉 Check it out here!

Credit: Tree-Range® Farms

ReGen Brand News:

  • The Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA), a nonprofit

    organization that oversees the Regenerative Organic Certified® standard has achieved a significant milestone: one million acres of Regenerative Organic Certified® agricultural land, spanning farms and ranches across 28 countries and six continents.

  • The ROA has certified nearly 50,000 smallholder

    farmers and over 140 farms spanning 320 crops.

  • In the marketplace, there are 575 Regenerative Organic Certified® products on the shelves and over 100 fully licensed brands.

Regenerative Organic Certified® Logo

Credit: Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA)

  • Pocono Organics - PowerGreens Hemp Microgreens Powder

  • Dr. Bronner’s - Magic All-One Oat Milk Chocolate in Crunchy Hazelnut Butter

  • Gruff - Ancient Grain Grits

  • Wild Orchard - Everyday Green Tea Bags

  • Little Sesame and Fly By Jing - Pumpkin Chili Crisp Hummus

  • Teton Waters Ranch - Teton Taste Buds Top Dogs Uncured Beef Hot Dogs with Veggies

  • Painterland Sisters - Plain Organic Skyr Yogurt

  • Zeal Creamery - Fresh Grass-Fed Probiotic Milk

  • Atlantic Sea Farms - Spicy Gochujang Seaweed Salad

  • Chomps - Taco Beef Sticks

  • GoodSAM Foods - Brave Day Coffee

  • Castor River Farms - Long Grain White Rice

  • Simple Mills - Cheddar Pop Mmms Veggie Flour Baked Snack Cracker

Credit: New Hope Network

  • 🔥 18.8% of product finalists were regenerative products (13/69)

  • 🧨 45% of categories had a regenerative product finalist (9/20)

🏃‍♂️ Quick Hits:

🤤 Singing Pastures has launched its salami line with 2 flavors: Bourbon & Bacon + Red Wine & Garlic.

🧳 Wild Idea Buffalo partnered with Moore & Giles for a limited edition Taylor Duffel bag.

🫒 California olive farmers are embracing regenerative agriculture.

🍫 Dr. Bronner’s Launches New Oat Milk Chocolate Line Made with Regenerative Organic Ingredients.

🥾 UGG is launching “The Regenerate by UGG” collection in October. The collection features products made with sheepskin from farms that practice regenerative agriculture. The company will donate one percent of all listed retail prices from the collection to The Savoy Institute.

🥗 Big Picture Foods’ regenerative organic Banana Peppers have officially made their debut as an ingredient in Sweetgreen's new Chopped Salad!

ReGen Brand Jobs:

Fun Stuff:

👏 Check out this video piece that Moore & Giles put together for their partnership with Wild Idea Buffalo!

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